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10 flights

57.00 c.u. per flight
570 c.u.
/ 16 011.30 ₴
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Expired in 365 days

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25 flights

54.00 c.u. per flight
1 350 c.u.
/ 37 921.50 ₴
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Expired in 365 days

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100 flights

51.00 c.u. per flight
5 100 c.u.
/ 143 259.00 ₴
Limited quantity

Order using contact center only

Expired in 365 days

Aviation TravelPass for flights across Ukraine

Buying air travel card, you get:

  • Loyal and convenient mechanism for a year from the date of purchase to book flights to Ukraine at a fixed rate.
  • There are no restrictions on the booking period. The flight is available for booking until the check-in.
  • The flight by Air Travel Card can be arranged to persons who will be included in the list when ordering an Air Travel Card (Passenger names must be setup using Call Center). The identification is the mobile phone number of the owner of Air Travel Card.
  • Gift tickets on request
  • 24/7 service support via the Contact Center
  • Booking Travel Passes with a different quantity than in online offers - through the contact center